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Inversion Immersion, Feb 18, 2018

“Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come.” ~ Rumi

Come and flip your perspective in this weekend inversion immersion. Join upside-down enthusiast Anna Greer in this course for all levels, breaking down the main inversions of a yoga practice, awakening strength in body, mind and heart, exploring playfulness and overcoming fear and self-doubt. This weekend course will breakdown handstands, forearm stands, headstand and shoulderstand, as well as explore different variations. Students will gain an understanding of all the elements needed to balance upside down joyfully. After the foundations have been established we will work with how to proceed into more challenging variations. Whether turning upside down excites you or scares you, this course is for you – it will create a pathway to inversion magic from wherever you are in your practice and give you the tools you will need to keep progressing.

Where: Dancing Warrior Yoga, St Peters

When: 18 February, 11am-2pm

Investment: $80

Book via mindbody here

Past Events



Wild Hearts Retreat, Feb 2-4

Join Clare Lovelace and Anna Greer on this nourishing retreat to restore a feeling of connection to mother nature and sacred life. Clare and Anna are both passionate about using the practices of yoga to rewild the body, mind and heart. This Wild Hearts weekend  retreat will be about opening and strengthening the corridor between the mind and the heart, in the same way that rewilding in an ecological sense connects wild places and spaces through corridors – allowing freedom of movement for wild beings.

City living is stressful, and it is easy to lose our sense of wellbeing, ease and peace. Being surrounded by intense, fast paced energy can leave us feeling over-stimulated and depleted. Taking time to reconnect with wild places connects us back to ourselves. Recharge, restore and balance your mind, body and heart. Experience the healing power of the earth.

This retreat will take place at the beautiful Govinda Valley Retreat Centre in Otford, bordering the Royal National Park over the weekend of February 2-4, 2018. You will enjoy delicious vegan food, yoga asana, yin yoga, pranayama and meditation, kirtan, bush walks, solo contemplation time, nature connection and sensory immersion (aka forest bathing). Come and rewild your body, mind and soul!

Email to book

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