Be the change

Jivamukti Yoga teacher Anna Greer chats to AYJ about making wise choices, healing the Earth and yogic karma [Australian Yoga Journal, nov-dec 2016] AYJ What came first for you, an interest in activism or yoga?  ANNA  Activism. I was in the student activist scene at university and it was during a time when the Howard … Continue reading Be the change

Go Wild

[Published in Australian Yoga Journal, November 2014] CONNECTING WITH OUR WILD NATURE Breathe through it. Claire recalls the advice of her teacher. You’ve got all the strength you need. Channel it up from your core. She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths. Her shoulders loosen. A shift comes, her arms gain strength, … Continue reading Go Wild

Human Kind

[Published in Yen Magazine, Issue 71] Zip those negative thoughts and show a bit of kindness to feel all warm and fuzzy, and reap some health benefits. Aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart once said: "No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness … Continue reading Human Kind

Before I die I want to…

  Anyone who has lost someone close knows the brutal clarity that death brings. Death can shock us into consciousness, reminding us to be here now, to feel it all. The reality of our mortality can hit like a freight train but also brings things into sharp focus, such as how precious life is. Having … Continue reading Before I die I want to…

Living Yoga: Yoga and Activism

[Published in Australian Yoga Journal, May 2014] “How can you be a yogi and an activist?” asked a fellow Sea Shepherd crew member on the bridge of the organisation’s long-range vessel, the Bob Barker. I had been pondering this question for the previous three months at sea. We had been patrolling the Southern Ocean Whale … Continue reading Living Yoga: Yoga and Activism

Karma Yoga

Find your path towards leading a purpose-filled life, by Anna Greer. [In Australian Yoga Journal, April 2014]. Carl Jung once said, ‘Man cannot stand a meaningless life.’ That seems to be the case for Pam Ahern, who gave up the security of a successful equestrian career to start a farm sanctuary in the rolling pastoral … Continue reading Karma Yoga

Japan Ordered To Stop Whale Hunt, April 1 2014 Australia has won its whaling case against Japan - a great victory for activists. Changing the words of the convention will be the next step, writes Sea Shepherd crew member Anna Greer. The International Court of Justice yesterday ordered Japan to cease whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary with "immediate … Continue reading Japan Ordered To Stop Whale Hunt

Earth and Sea

Dumbo Feather, March 21 Trees and earth and stone all smell sweeter than the sea. For 94 days, I have been on patrol in the Southern Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of the most-recent whale defence campaign. As we approach 100 nautical miles downwind from the lush coastline of New Zealand’s South … Continue reading Earth and Sea